Mass scan option in MedTracS

Tömeges beolvasás MedTracS

Mass scan option in MedTracS

Due to a lengthy and elaborate development effort, a new and extremely useful feature was introduced into our MedTracS software. Now there is an option for the lightning-fast mass scanning of the 2D codes applied on medicinal products during pharmaceutical serialisation.

This feature is especially useful when scanning data matrixes from many (ex. 20 – 100) medicines, be it for a serialisation check or decommissioning.

A hundred codes can be scanned into MedTracS in as little as 5 seconds!

The function allows specifying the number of bar codes to be scanned. When the number specified is reached, the application gives a clearly audible signal.

The feature is available on specific Zebra devices (tested on series TC 20, 50 and 70 as well as MC 33), using Android 7, Zebra DataWedge 7 software, and requires a Zebra SimulScan licence as well.

It is available through a separate subscription within MedTracS.

If our solution has caught Your interest, please contact your MedTracS account representative!

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