Athletic team-building at Balaton Lake

Athletic team-building at Balaton Lake

Following 2018’s UB (Balaton Ultra), 2019’s Ultra Tisza-tó (Tisza Lake Ultra) and 2020’s UB, October 2021 began with Szeged Software’s team taking part yet again in the Balaton Ultra running contest, successfully completing it.

Quite a few of our colleagues from Târgu Mureș were also part of our 12-person running team and the 6-person accompanying bike team, we conquered the 216-km trail alongside them.

The team set an individual record of 21:31:06 in completing the project.

In addition to this sensational performance, fighting for each other and for a common goal, we had the privilege to partake in a tremendous team-building exercise once more.

We’ve run the circuit yet again in 2021!!!

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