MedTracS - Medicine Tracking System

For wholesalers in the pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and pharmacies, to comply with FMD requirements

MedTracS - Gyógyszerhamisítás ellen

Using MedTracS to Combat Falsified Medicines

The FMD directive relating to the control and monitoring of prescription medicinal products and mandatory for all EU Member States entered into force on 09 February 2019.

This new piece of legislation affects all market participants involved in the manufacture, distribution, and sale of prescription medicinal products. In addition to pharmaceutical manufacturers, all pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies have to prepare for the application of this regulation.

The MedTracS software performs control and reporting for medicinal products as part of the serialisation of pharmaceuticals in the entire European Union.

Who is it recommended for

We recommend MedTracS for any participants of the pharmaceutical market, such as

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

MedTracS is a complete and comprehensive FMD solution that meets the logistics needs and requirements of all pharmaceutical wholesalers.



MedTracS is a dedicated FMD solution for any hospital, considering the particularities involved in handling pharmaceuticals and in the logistics processes of the pharmaceutical industry.

MedTracS kórházaknak


If you represent a pharmacy, MedTracS is a simple and effective solution for you as well, attending to every requirement of the FMD.

MedTracS gyógyszertáraknak

Why choose MedTracS?

and state-of-the-art

Developed by leveraging our 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and logistics industry.
Szakszerű és modern

Continuous technological innovation

MedTracS supports the latest solutions based on market requirements.

Tailored to our customers

MedTracS was developed based on the specific business and legal requirements of pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals, and pharmacies.
Ügyfelekre szabva

Complies with regulations

Capable of satisfying all requirements and obligations imposed on our customers by the FMD.
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