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A comprehensive and refined logistics system for small and large warehouses alike

Our StoreIS product is a general warehouse management software that was developed based on the knowledge we have gained over the course of 30+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical and warehousing industry.

As the turnover of wholesale companies increases constantly, their warehouses become more and more congested, which means their work becomes more error-prone and slow.

Switching to StoreIS helps avoid staff increases and warehouse expansion.


Why choose StoreIS?

StoreIS is not just the logistics module of an ERP system, but a stand-alone system purpose-built for warehouse logistics.

Uniquely customised

We tailor our software to the unique requirements of our customers. With us, it is not you who has to adapt to the system; we adjust the system to the warehouse.
Uniquely customised


Due to the extreme detail and meticulous craftsmanship and the several decades of our hands-on experience in warehousing, we are able to achieve higher efficiency in all areas of the warehouse.


We cover all areas of logistics. The package contains several hundred programmes developed to optimally serve warehouses down to the last detail.

We provide a dedicated account manager

It is paramount to us that our partners are never left feeling alone with their issues, which is why we provide them with dedicated account managers that assist them throughout their work.
Dedikált ügyfélmenedzser

We offer supplementary services on request

We assess current operations, prepare a logistics plan and technical specifications, recommend optimal product placement, perform data conversion, deploy the system, and offer continuous support.
Kiegészítő szolgáltatások

Most important differences compared to PharmaLog

StoreIS is a sophisticated warehouse management software that was developed from PharmaLog's logistics modules with it's architecture. It basically contains the Delivery-Goods Receipt, Warehousing, Order Processing, Picking modules and the additional modules - Inventory, System Connections, Backoffice, Reporting.


Supply - Product reception

Highlighted features:
  • Put-away:
    • Pallet height management (product storage unit)
    • Automatic dismantling of the pallets
    • By zone and pallet height and
    • By depletion and warehause fullness
    • Large amount of goods in the zone buffer
  • Monitoring product stackability.


Highlighted features:
  • Block-storage support in strategic warehouses.
  • Pallet label per pallet, which identifies the specific pallet during put-away, picking and movement of goods.
  • Management of strategic stocks and warehouses. The refilling process described in PharmaLog (Pallet -> Master -> Picking Unit) is complemented by the handling of dumped goods, even stored in another warehouse or site (Strategic Warehouse -> Pallet -> Master -> Picking Unit).


Highlighted features:
  • Construction of pallets by weight, creation of zones by weight. When picking onto a pallet, the system directs the picker first to the “heavy products” zone, then to the “normal products” zone, and finally to the “light products” zone.
  • Generating an urgent storage task with anula evaluation.
  • Weight and volume limit for customer orders with site setting.
  • Storing a partial quantity - only the ordered quantity goes to the picking level, the remainder can be returned to the pallet level.


Highlighted features:
  • Usage of storage unit codes at the expedition.
  • Packaging. Packaging of goods arriving to the expedition from several pick-up areas with an RF terminal.
  • Checking the contents of the pallet at the expedition.
  • Expedition according to the reverse crawl order specified by Versys (external transport management system).
Other modules

Inventory - Backoffice - Reporting

Highlighted features:
  • Inventory:
    • Implementation of ranching height - handling of several levels (picking, low forklift, high forklift).
    • Support of ranching by RF.
  • Backoffice:
    • On-site supply management in the product master file. Products that are not held by that site cannot be managed. Withdrawal from the offer: Live, Discontinued, Terminated. The system allows you to manage the good based on this.
  • Reporting:
    • Register of excise goods, list of excise goods.
    • Traveling goods: scanned orders are displayed on a site-by-site basis. Invoicing awaits the receipt of an order distributed to several sites - it can only be invoiced without this with a separate authorization.

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