Warehouse organisation

Increasing efficiency in warehouse logistics

Warehouse organisation

We Optimise Processes in Mid-Size and Large Warehouses

Planning and optimising the layout of a pharmaceutical warehouse is a task we frequently come across, for instance when building a new warehouse and reorganising one, when turnover increases or decreases, when discounts begin or end, or when the season begins or ends.

The questions that may arise are, for instance:

We help you answer these kinds of questions!

In more than thirty years, our company has, on the one hand, amassed significant experience in these fields, and on the other, has formed close relationships with the representatives of several related specialised fields.

Relying mostly on our own experts but – when needed – on subcontractor partners as well, we can offer complex solutions to any requirements that arise.


Warehouse optimisation with the following content

Our activity, either fully dedicated to or partially involving the logistics system, may consist of the following services

IT system customisation

IT system customisation

Munkafolyamat megszervezése

Work flow organisation

Raktártechnológiák megtervezése

Warehouse technology design and implementation


Design of warehouse logistics processes

Vonalkód olvasó

Selection and delivery of electronic equipment that supports picking

What do you receive with the service?

After collecting and analysing turnover and other data from previous months and years as well as assessing and jointly designing work flow, we submit an expert opinion that contains the following documents:

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