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Gabriella Tanács

Our systems have been validated for a long time, but in order to meet the latest expectations of the NNGYK-OGYÉI (Hungarian national authoroties), in recent years we have placed even greater emphasis on refining and renewing our validations.

Accordingly, a validation specialist works for the company in the person of Gabriella Tanács, who has completed the relevant courses and holds a certificate.

An important event on the subject was that in the spring of 2023, NNGYK-OGYÉI personally visited us in connection with the inspection of a new partner and checked our processes related to our hosting service. Of course, they suggested some measures to make it even safer and meet their expectations to an even higher degree, but they were basically satisfied with what they saw. We also renewed our validation materials as a result, which were also acknowledged with satisfaction.

There is no stopping, we constantly keep our documentation up to date and today we can say that our validation procedure complies with the guidelines contained in the 2nd edition of GAMP5.

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ISO Certificate

ISO and NIS2

Our company has had an ISO 9001 certificate since 2006, which is renewed annually. This was also successfully done in May 2024.


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