Our new website and our new Irokéz Help Desk System are ready

Website creation: ColeemWebDesign

Our new website and our new Irokéz Help Desk System are ready

Previous visitors to our site could note that we have finished our new, state-of-the-art website that meets all of today’s requirements.

An enormous amount of preliminary work was done on our new, first-rate webpage, both from the web design team as well as the company staff. The team of Szeged Software is grateful to the editors of the website, who supported us during the whole process and made the creation of the site as easy as possible. Imi, Kriszti, thank you, you are a team of professionals!

Featured on the webpage are the photos of our customer relation staff, so that the partners whom we less frequently meet in person can also get an idea who they are talking with on the phone. In addition, we are also at least as proud of the development team supporting the customer relation staff!

Next to the overhaul of our website, our Irokéz helpdesk system has also been migrated, and from now on, our partners will be able to access our system via the state-of-the-art Angular platform. This way, our customers may even use a smartphone to address their needs and share their feedback.

We hope you have a good time using our new platforms!

Our latest news

Athletic team-building at Balaton Lake

Following 2018’s UB (Balaton Ultra), 2019’s Ultra Tisza-tó (Tisza Lake Ultra) and 2020’s UB, October 2021 began with Szeged Software’s team taking part yet again in the Balaton Ultra running contest, successfully completing it.


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