New members in the PharmaLog team!

New players in the PharmaLog team!

New members in the PharmaLog team!

In 2021, the number of pharmaceutical wholesalers using PharmaLog has increased further.

Medico-Uno began the year with our hosted system.

Not long after, Pharmanext followed suit in a similar scheme.

With the spring launch of Euromedic Pharma’s PharmaLog system which was installed on their local server, we have successfully concluded a project that had been long-prepared. Within the project, Euromedic’s warehouse has been significantly restructured and reorganised, with effective contributions from us.

Meanwhile, Pharmatan also switched from the previous implementation of the PharmaLog system to the newest version, in hosted scheme.

Next in line was the go-live of Pharmacenter’s system, who also went for the hosted version.

With Csanád Pharma launching their system at the beginning of summer, yet another wholesaler from Szeged joined our cloud-based clients.

And this line will likely continue, as we are in advanced talks with several parties showing strong interest...

Once again, we offer our deepest gratitude to our customers, whether our partnership is new or decade-long!

At the same time, we are proud that the day-to-day satisfaction of our partners is ensured by a cohesive and enthusiastic team!

The PharmaLog team is looking forward to any new members who are looking for a truly professional pharmaceutical warehouse management system!

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Athletic team-building at Balaton Lake

Following 2018’s UB (Balaton Ultra), 2019’s Ultra Tisza-tó (Tisza Lake Ultra) and 2020’s UB, October 2021 began with Szeged Software’s team taking part yet again in the Balaton Ultra running contest, successfully completing it.


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