PharmaLog interfaces & system connections

Our largest customers are subsidiaries of multinational corporations using the standard ERP and BI pharmaceutical systems laid out by the parent company; they typically work with a centrally designated warehouse technology supplier, and as a result have to connect to their system; they have an international data warehouse which are based on their decision support analysis systems, and for which we have to supply the data.

During the history of our company, we have built numerous system interfaces. Thanks to this, our interface repository is expanding constantly, and we continue to accumulate experience in this field as well. We strive to make the logistics functionality of our application as comprehensive as possible, since the most important application for a pharmaceutical distributor will always be the warehouse logistics system, which must function with the highest degree of reliability and speed, and the enormous amount of data it provides must invariably be restricted and consistent.

We develop variable-scale data interfaces to any other systems used by our customers according to their requirements.

Without going into too much detail, we would like to mention a few systems PharmaLog connects through interface:

Pharmaceutical systems

  • Novodata
  • QadroByte
  • HC Pointer

Corporate ERP systems

  • SAP – multiple types of implementations
    • Standalone PharmaLog and SAP: supplier and customer bills, transfer of master file data etc.
    • PharmaLog embedded into SAP: order entry and invoicing is done in SAP, warehouse management (storage unit and batch management, QA) is done in PharmaLog.
  • Oracle Application
  • Sun System
  • CODA
  • Scala
  • CROS

Optimization systems

  • StoreOpt
  • Versys freight management system

Warehouse conveyor control system

  • Peem
  • Knapp

Data warehouses, BI systems

Web shops