SZEGED Software and Pharmalog’s mission:

Delivering complex IT systems while ensuring a full range of services for the customer  

Since its founding in 1989, the management and the associates at SZEGED Software Zrt. have committed themselves to quality software development, first-rate customer service and the establishment of fair and harmonious partnerships. We have formulated our basic principles in line with this commitment.

All development projects are works of art; they bear the marks of the work done by Man the Maker. We feel it is our duty that this should be accomplished to the highest standards and using the most comprehensive functional solutions that we are capable of. To this end, we apply the most advantageous and most efficient software development technologies; we train ourselves continuously; and we employ result-oriented upgrades to our system and methods during our work. The more we give of ourselves, the more we gain by it.

Our clients can always depend on us – they are never left felling that they are left alone with their problems. They take center stage throughout our work process. Our daily aspiration is to create and maintain an honest ambiance of partnership, and to fulfill their requests to the best of our ability. We always give more than is expected of us.

We strive for harmony within ourselves, in our environment and in carrying out our work. Harmony in the unity of independence and collaboration, in an honest day’s work, in solving tasks at a high level, in respecting deadlines as well as preserving and making our environment more beautiful. We believe that this is how we can perpetuate the uniqueness and reputation of our company.