SZEGED Software: an introduction

SZEGED Software Kft was founded in 1989 by private individuals – in March 2000, the company became incorporated. Its four Hungarian owners are among the key specialists in the company.

From the very beginning, our profile has been software development. Since the founding, we have been involved in developing software that fulfills the specialized IT needs of pharmaceutical wholesalers. Due to the expectations of the market and the advances made in software development technology, the inventory registry system used locally in the beginning has gradually become a complex IT system with a wealth of functions and capable of serving several sites.

The system developed for pharmaceutical wholesalers is PharmaLog, while the more general wholesale logistical system is StoreIS. Our product called StoreOpt performs optimization and simulation for the operation of wholesaler picking warehouses.

Through a partnership with the Software Development Department of the Szeged University, as well as obtaining several grants, we are working on software that supports migration, quality assurance, auditing and testing for Magic applications. The use of the MAGISTER system makes the work of developers and operators easier, and provides significant cost savings and quality improvements in the long term.

In 2006, we set up a subsidiary at Târgu Mureș called Pharmalog Srl. Our associates working there carry out local support and represent our company in the Romanian market.

Since May 2006, we hold the MSZ EN ISO 9001 quality management certificate in the field of “Implementing and developing IT systems, system monitoring”.

In 2007, we launched the hosting version (SaaS) of the PharmaLog  system, in which the services we offer are the rights of use for the system, its complete IT infrastructure and the implementation, operation (system administrator) and system monitoring services necessary for safe use. The infrastructure necessary to do this has been created and functions in our own environment.

Among SZEGED Software Zrt’s customers, we can find wholesalers with only a few terminals as well as companies that operate networks containing remote sites and several hundreds of terminals. We owe the scalability, expandability and open-endedness of our systems to the Magic 4GL development tool.